Nonpartisan Offices

Judge of Magistrate Court

Partisan Offices

Board of Commissioners

Board of Education

Solicitor General 

District 4


District 1

Judge of State Court of Putnam County 

  • Dorothy J. Adams
  • Lucindia Monday
  • Michael Gailey (Incumbent)

Piedmont Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor* 

  • Heck Davis (Incumbent)

District 3

  • Alan Foster (Incumbent) (R)

  • Bill Sharp (R)
  • Trevor Addison (Incumbent) (R)

  • Stephen Hersey (Incumbent) (R)

  • Billy Webster (R)

District 2

  • Doris Clemons (Incumbent) (D)

  • Simone N. Jones (Incumbent) (D)

  • Russell Thomas (Incumbent) (R)

Qualified Candidates for the 2018 Election Cycle

* Denotes an office which appears on the November 6, 2018 Ballot only

(D) Democratic Candidate

(R) Republican Candidate